• Brantner Fahrzeugbau POWER-FLEX plus+

    Stability. Quality. Flexibility.

    The manufacturer of profi tipper, dumper, push-off vehicle, manure spreader and special vehicles.
    For the agricultural, municipal and construction use. 

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    The manufacturer of profi tipper, dumper and special vehicles. For the agricultural, municipal and construction use. 

    NOW AVAILABLE! Brantner POWER-PUSH plus+. Push-off trailer by Brantner Fahrzeugbau. Quality Made in Austria. See it in use.


  • POWER-TUBE plus+

    POWER-TUBE plus+
    30 Jahre Brantner Muldenkipper - 15 Jahre POWER-TUBE.

    Based on an intelligent modular system
    the POWER-TUBE plus + allows an enormous variety of types from 8 to 34 t maximum permissible total weight
    which allows you to configure your vehicle according to your needs.
    Here in the version Potato special!

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  • POWER-SPREAD plus+

    Manure Spreader for mountain use, profi and grapevine use. Quality Made in Austria.

Brantner tipper POWER-FLEX plus+

Brantner Threeside tipperPOWER-FLEX plus+

With a few exceptions, our three-way tippers are equipped with the Profi body sealing system as standard. The different chassis versions can be configured with maximum permissible gross weights from 3 to 23 tonnes.

Brantner push off dumper power-push plus+

Brantner push-off dumperPOWER-PUSH plus+

Our push-off vehicles are characterised by absolutely smooth interior walls, grain tightness and the proven double-C chassis frame. The selection ranges from 16 to 34 tonnes maximum permissible gross weight and 20 to 49 m³ loading volume.

BRANTNER dumper for backwards tipping, silage and wood chips transport

Brantner dumperPOWER-TUBE plus+

Our dumpers are available with a maximum permissible gross weight of 8 to 34 tonnes and a loading volume of 15 to 44 m³.

BRANTNER mountain spreader, manure spreader and vineyard spreader.

Mountain spreader, manure spreader and vineyard spreaderPOWER-SPREAD plus+

Our spreaders are available with different spreading unit designs. These include a fine spreading unit with 4 upright or 2 horizontal spreading rollers as well as a universal spreading unit with horizontal milling rollers and disc spreading unit. All versions are equipped with a protective grille and HB side wall system as standard.ume.

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