with standard tyres

Total length (mm) GL 8140
Trough length inside (mm) PL 6500
Frame length (mm) RL 7600
Platform height (mm) PH 1340
Frame height frame top edge (mm) RO 1100
Frame height frame bottom edge (mm) RU 780
Chassis clearance underride guard rear (mm) BU 400
Coupling height (mm) AH 400 - 1000
Total height with standard body (mm) HA 2870
Total height att. boards 500 mm (mm) HA500 3480
Total height att. boards 600 mm (mm) HA600 3680
Total height tipped backwards with standard body (mm) HK 6810
Total height tipped backwards (att. boards 500 mm) (mm) HK500 7200
Total height tipped backwards (att. boards 600 mm) (mm) HK600 7330
Bottom edge hydraulic rearwall (mm) HR 2590
Tipping angle rear (°) KW 50

Typesetting and printing errors and omissions excepted. Weights and measures nonbinding.