Chassis cranced double-C-trapezoidal frame, cross stiffening, Y-towing bar till 26 t, strong H-ball-bearing-race, 40 km/h axles incl. suspension and hydraulic rear axle support with separate connector
Platform frame double-C-trapezoidal tipping frame
Platform platform of 5 mm steel sheet base, folded from 1 piece to all four sides, no welding seam (foil seam fusion), patended self-cleaning platform edge
Sideboards steel side boards 800 mm, with sideboard stiffening, sideboard hinges: 10 lateral and 4 rear, screwed corner stanchions, screwed middle stanchions, swing attachment board left/right and rear, (splited, front swing boards will be from front and rear swingboards usable from rear) with central locking lever and closing hook with latching range, large closures, potato slide with lever, without mounting facility for sideboard lifting springs
Attachment boards 1 set steel attachment boards 800 mm high, in splited version incl. screwed attachment middle stanchions and incl. attachment corner stanchions,
Tipping facility ball tipping mountings with conical socket, 2 lifting cylinder 5-way 3000 mm, hard-chromed, cardanic mounting, connection line with plug-in coupling and shut-off valve, automatic stroke end limitation
Brake installation 2-line air brake, ALB-control, axles with manual slack adjuster and membrane cylinders
Electrical installation 12 V lighting system, 7pole, rear socket
Paintwork ACC-coating for high end corrosion protection(truck-quality), 2 K acrylic spray painting forUV protection and optimized optic, chassis frameand body granulate blasting, cavity coating orhigh quality body cavity protection,body HB-green, chassis black
Traffic licence AUT: 40 km/h agricultural aof, GER: certificate 40 km/h aof